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Steamed Egg Curry Recipe | Dim Vapa| अंडा करी बनाने की विधि 

Steamed Egg Curry Recipe in 5 minute
Steamed Egg Curry Recipe in 5 minute

Todays recipe is Easy Steamed Egg Curry | Dim Bhapa . This recipe is easy to make and eat. please do try at home and share with your friends and family members . This recipe is very special in All over India & Specially in West Bengal. You can try this recipe Lunch Meal. This recipe is called Dim Bhapa. please follow this method your Steamed Anda will be made perfect . In this recipe I am gonna show you the perfect Egg curry recipe . For more information and cooking method please do watch Full video and try at home & give your valuable feedback in comment section.

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Steamed Egg Curry | Dim Bhapa

Ingredients :-
  • Eggs:- 5 (boiled, Peeled)
  • Yellow Mustard Seeds :- 3 tbsp
  • Black/ Brown Mustard Seeds :- 2 tbsp
  • Green Chillies :- 6-7
  • Yogurt :- 4 tbsp

Dry Spices :
  • Salt to taste
  • Turmeric Powder :- 1 tsp
  • Red Chilli Powder :- 1 tsp
  • Cumin Powder :- 1/2 tsp
  • Mustard Oil :- 3-4 tbsp
Method :- 1. Take 5 boiled and peeled eggs. let it marinate with turmeric Powder, salt cumin Powder, red chilli Powder. Add a Masala paste made of yellow Mustard seeds, black Mustard seeds, green Chillies with the eggs. 2. Now mix All the things very Properly & Prick with fork. 3. Take a Stainless Steel Tiffin box , grease with mustard oil & Add the Marinated Eggs. Cover the tiffin box tightly. 4. Turn on the Gas stove , place the pressure cooker pan . Add 500 ml water & Place a Stand inside the pressure cooker pan. Now Seat the tiffin box very carefully into it. 5. After 4 whistles turn off the stove & keep the pressure cooker pan aside. 6. After 20 Minutes release the cover & open the tiffin box. 7. Finally Serve Steamed Egg Curry with your family.

Steamed Egg Curry Recipe

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How to make Egg Devil |  ডিমের ডেভিল ।  Easy Egg devil recipe | अंडे की रेसिपी 

नमस्कार दोस्तों , स्वागत हे आप सबको राखिस किचेन की ऑफिसियल ब्लॉग में . 
आज की रेसिपी हे अंडे की डेविल . दोस्तों अंडा खास करके मुझे तो बोहोत पसंद हे , और आपको वि जरुर होगा 

तो चलिए देख लेते हे क्या क्या सामग्री चाहिये .

: Egg Devil Recipe At Home :

Ingredients :-

Egg                                                         3
Bread Crumb                                        100 gram
Garlic                                                      1 
Onion                                                      2    ( Medium Size)
Ginger                                                      1 inch
Azwain                                                     1 pinch ( Optional )
Gram Flour                                               2 table Spoon
Rice Flour                                                  11/2 Table Spoon
water                                                          As needed
salt                                                             As taste
Turmeric Powder                                      1 tsp
Jeera Powder                                             1 tsp
Dhania Powder
Red Chilli Powder                                       2 tsp
Boiled Potato                                              2 Medium Size

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: Making Process :

दोस्तों उमीद हे के आप सबको येह recipe अछि लगी , और वि अछे अछे recipe and tricks के लिए मेरी चानेल को सब्सक्राइब कीजिये और कमेंट में मुझे आपका feedback जरुर दीजिये , इससे मुझे आगे मोटिवेशन मिलेगा . Thank You So Much for visiting my blog. Keep visiting. 


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